UI / UX &
Usability Consulting

Simple, functional interfaces and experiences for all situations.

We will make your software or site better. It is one of our favorite things to do. Evaluate existing software and realizing its hidden potential.

Making a complex problem simple for users is challenging. Even keeping easy things simple can be difficult.

User interface design and usability is all about simplicity. Well-designed software is all about not making your users think.

“A good interface is one that goes unappreciated, because no one notices. They are too busy using it.”

Our experience spans the gamut from designing major consumer product web sites, to designing and prototyping new web-based software startups or creating custom interfaces for product customization tools on the web or on touch screens.

Users shouldn't have to contemplate much. They shouldn’t worry about what a button might do or where it will go when they click or tap on it.

We can evaluate, redesign, and improve the interactions between users and software or web site, and help you achieve better results.

User Interface Design

At Transmissions we good interfaces come from a deep understanding of information. How to structure that information in a way that makes it available to the user at the right place and time. Knowing how to design your functionality and data into a good user interface isn't trivial.

The secret to good interface design is creating interactions that flow in the way the user expects them to. We achieve this through:

  1. Understanding your functionality and all its information
  2. Researching your user and the use case scenarios
  3. Prototypes and Learning from them

Consistency is key. Controls and information need to be organized styled and scaled in a way that makes using your application a rewarding experience.

Usability Testing & Consulting

We can provide anything from a brief consult on what could be done to improve the user experience of your existing application or web site, to full application testing, use case scenarios, redesign, and reprogramming.

Users should not have to struggle to use an application or navigate a web site. Important information should be obvious. Buttons links, and other controls should be organized and positioned based on their relationship to the task at hand.

We can consult with you and provide a heuristic evaluation of your interface.

Many times when a site or software works simply and well it took a lot of work to get it there. The obvious decisions aren’t always on the surface. When everything is considered your users smile or don’t notice anything at all.

Research. Outline. Discuss.

Plan. Wireframe. Iteration.

Conceptualize. Revise. Repeat.

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